Providing Tailored Hotels


Rua da Zona Industrial, 844
4580-565 Lordelo

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Providing Tailored Hotels


The BriFour Group has 3 production units: MTWoods linked to the production of the raw material, wood, the import of exotic woods and the diversities of these options. FourContract focused on the carpentry activity applied to an industrial production with advanced technology. A.Brito focused on the mass production of furniture.


We seek the improvement of our projects, not only through the application of established methodologies, but also through its constant renewal, supported by a permanent search for information and trends, thus being able to accurately implement the solutions that the customer requests.

BriFour provides all the final service to the client, where it coordinates the entire operation from production to final assembly.



Our portfolio is the result of the daily effort of our employees and partners. It is what fills us with pride and motivates us to always do more and better.